Brake Repair in Sunnyvale

We recommend every 2 years a brake system fluid flush. Brake fluid retains moisture which lowers boiling point, decreases pedal feel and allows corrosion of brake components.

Brake Repair in Sunnyvale | Tony & Brothers German Auto Repair

  • Front or rear disc pads replaced with Performance Grade (semi-metallic pads if manufacturer requires)
  • Thorough inspection of rotors (Replace as required)
  • Inspect and repack all wheel bearings (on serviceable non-drive axles)
  • Visually inspect all hydraulic components
  • Clean and adjust rear drum brakes (if applicable)
  • Inspect brake lining for proper thickness
  • Inspect master cylinder, all brake hoses and lines
  • Inspect and adjust parking brake
  • Top off brake fluid after brake installation
  • Road test vehicle
  • ABS system brake fluid flush
  • Brake and ABS diagnostic & repair
  • Brake service & upgrades
  • Rotors, pads, sensors and “bedding”
  • Anti-Lock Brake Service & Diagnostics
  • Brake and ABS diagnostic & repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Brake Service and Repair
  • Brake Services
  • Brake Work
  • Brakes


Brake rotors are a very important component of the brake system. We do not recommend resurfacing rotors. Resurfacing rotors makes them thinner and reduces its ability to dissipate heat and can lead to warping, undesirable noises and brake fade.

Brake Pads


Here's an example of a worn out brake pad. As you can see this pad is past the friction material and what most people refer to as "metal on metal", allowing pads to get this low can cause caliper damage and will reduced stopping power creating an unsafe condition.


We stand behind all our work here at Tony & Brothers by providing a full 12,000 mile or one-year warranty coverage for all repair & service related work. We also accept all major insurance providers and third-party extended warranties. If you would like to make sure your third-party or manufacturer's warranty applies to your specific repair or service need, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer or verify any coverage questions you may have.

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