Steering / Suspension Repair

Not only is steering and suspension for comfort and control but its also a safety issue. If anything feels sloppy, loose, noisy, clunky, squeaky, grumbles or otherwise isn't how it use to be then it should be checked out to make sure there isn't a safety issue or anything that will cause further damage. When there is a noise or clunking that could be the symptom of a bigger problem. Steering and suspension wear out over time. Sure curbs, pot holes or something in the road can break or bend a component but generally these components wear out over time. This slow wear happens over thousands of miles and the driver usually wont notice the changes until they are very apparent. Having your steering and suspension checked is not only for safety but it gives your car the maximum tire life and retains the "like new" handling.


Common steering issues could be noise, squeaking at speed or in parking lots, lack of steering assist, an oil leak or having to top off steering fluid. Some times the steering wheel might be crooked and other times it wont be, in both cases you could possibly have accelerated tire wear or degraded steering performance.

Steering / Suspension Repair | Tony & Brothers German Auto Repair


Just like steering, suspension wears over time as well. Shocks get tired, damaged or leak out. Worn bushing can effect other systems like brakes or steering. When bushings or ball joints wear out they tend to bang, thud, squeak or make other noises. The banging or binding when things make noise can effect other components. When things stop working how they are suppose to then other components pick up the slack and take the burden.

  • Shocks / Springs - Benefits to Shock and Spring
  • Replacement
  • Bushings
  • Steering Systems
  • Suspension
  • Suspension upgrades: Springs, Shocks, Coil Over Kits, Sway Bars
  • Suspension bushing upgrades


We stand behind all our work here at Tony & Brothers by providing a full 12,000 mile or one-year warranty coverage for all repair & service related work. We also accept all major insurance providers and third-party extended warranties. If you would like to make sure your third-party or manufacturer's warranty applies to your specific repair or service need, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer or verify any coverage questions you may have.

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